Mantena AS was the former workshop unit for the Norwegian State Railways.

The company was separated into a private limited company in January 2002, with NSB (Vy) as owner until July 2017. 
Nowadays, the company is owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Mantena maintains and repairs railway vehicles, components and railroad construction equipment for a number of railway companies.Mantena also performs thermal spraying of metals.

Mantena’s customers include : 

– Flytoget
– CargoNet
– Oslo Sporveier
Axess Logistics
Auto Transport
– Flåmsbana
– Ofotbanen
– Green Cargo
– Hector Rail
Bane NOR

and more.



Group Management


Jan-Tore Iversen
Industry Director 
+47 915 54 606



Roy Sannerhaugen
Director of Safety and Quality
+47 916 54 505



Andreas Nistad
Logistics Director 
+47 407 60 751



Tron Ranvik
Technical director 
+47 975 54 345



Knut Arild Johannesen
Maintenance Director
+47 916 75 153


The Board of Mantena AS

Mantena is a limited liability company owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.



Kari Broberg

Board Directors:  
Ronny Solberg (biträdande ordförare)

Board members:
Øyvind Hasaas
Marianne Kartum
Kjell Helmer Vekve Næss
Jomar Morten Kvitland
Petter Trønnes


Our business concept

Mantena will be an attractive player in the Nordic region in renewal and maintenance in the rail sector.


The Nordic region’s most innovative total maintenance service supplier.


Mantena should be a harmonious, attractive and pleasant workplace.

Our employees should see Mantena as a positive part of their daily lives – we strive for continuous improvements and development of the business and the individual. We have a strong focus on work environment issues and think safety and quality in everything we do.

Our values:

– Confidence
– Efficiency
– Innovation


As a specialist in the maintenance of railway vehicles, Mantena continues a long tradition in the rail industry in the Nordic countries. 
Our expertise today includes everything from the largest and heaviest locomotives to the smallest and most advanced components.

Mantena is characterized by talented, dedicated employees who work every day to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our unique experience, knowledge of maintenance needs and logistics management make us an important partner for any player on the field.

Our knowledge and experience in the maintenance of railway vehicles has created a unique environment – both in the Nordic region and internationally.

In order to maintain our leading position in the future, we at Mantena continuously focus on the recruitment of qualified employees.


Mantena provides maintenance services that meet or exceed our relevant stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.

We do this by systematically improving our business system and adapting our processes. Our ambition is to create long-term customer relationships.

This means that we must ensure that we understand the customer’s needs and that we adapt the content and scope of the services by being responsive and having continuous dialogue and that employees have access to effective tools and methods.

Mantena’s focus:

– Insight into deliveries at all levels 
– Improved data quality 
– Active use of target figures and CPI 
– Skills development 
– Continuous improvement of procedures and processes. 
– Increased awareness

We have established and measurable quality goals that are regularly monitored and revised. The business system meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


More and more stringent environmental requirements are set and trains are a climate-friendly transport method – both for goods and passengers. 
As a major maintenance supplier in the Nordic region, Mantena has a goal not to damage the external environment.

For Mantena, environmental awareness and energy saving at all levels is an important goal. Several measures have been implemented – both in the energy sector, through reduced use of chemicals and, not least, environmental education among our employees.

There are still rail sections that are not electrified where diesel materials are used. Mantena has a high level of expertise and some of the best equipment for fine tuning diesel engines – both in terms of consumption and emissions.

Since the environment is central to a modern railway business, we in Mantena are always updated in this area. Through our own environmental report and participation in various environmental projects, we always have full overview and continuous focus on this work.

Mantena is certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 14001:2015. Annual assessments of the company’s environmental measures are carried out and significant environmental aspects are carried out, as a basis for the company’s environmental work.






We work systematically to achieve our vision:

«Mantena to become the Nordic region’s most innovative total supplier of maintenance services in the rail sector»

In this work it is important to have good documented processes on everything we do and not least to follow established requirements and regulations.

Mantena is constantly working to adapt to an increasingly open Europe and to ensure compliance with existing and new requirements, regulations and standards. Formal certifications are an important part of this work.

Today, Mantena is certified to the following standards and requirements:

– ECM EU 445/2011 
– ECM I-III Mantena 
– ECM maintenance delivery function 
– Mantena Maintenance 
– Mantena Industry 
– Hammer 
– EN 15085-2 Welding on railway vehicles and components 
– NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System 
– NS-EN ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental management 
– Company certification according to EU Regulation F-gas 842/2006 with sub-regulation 303/2008 
– Mantena NTO Certificate 2018-2022 
– TransQ certificates in relevant categories.

The purpose of the EU 445/2011 certification system is to create a framework for harmonizing requirements and methods for assessing the capabilities of entities responsible for maintenance throughout the Union. As of today, only freight wagons are subject to these requirements, but there are strong signals that this will be extended to other rolling vehicles in 2017-2018.

In addition to these certifications, we are approved by clients who have been approved as apprentices in several disciplines, and have several special certifications related to special operations. Mantena will ensure compliance with the new ISO 45001: 2018 standard, and will consider continuous certification.

Mantena works continuously to improve and develop all processes.


History of Mantena


3D Scanning



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